Brand and Culture

Here at Progresif, we work hard and we have fun at the same time. Believing in giving quality service through awesome ideas, we truly understand that genius means making things simple and not puzzling. For us, teamwork is our support pillar and dedication to our work is the stepping-stone in making sure we keep our promise to you – so you can enjoy a better connected, inspired and progressive life. We believe we’re not just a telecommunications company; we’re more than that – our company foundation leans on our team of Progresif’s (the radical-thinkers, doers and dreamers: our team of people with character and tons of heart), because we feel that progress is rewriting the rules by exploring creativity in order to provide better products, services and experiences – making your life simpler – giving you the freedom to do more. In other words, we’re all about building relationships with you not just business transactions. Now, that’s Progresif.

Home Sweet Home

We’ve grown quite quickly over the span of just 2 years, creating more than 100 new jobs for the nation. With the bigger picture in mind we plan to to relocate to keep our growing team in their progressive element,– yup, we’re moving (forward) to a nice little spot in between the commercial centre of Kiulap and Gadong that’s built with an even greater purpose, which supports our commercial and corporate social responsibility strategies. Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing along our Progresif brand and culture with us and inside the new facility, our home will reflect exactly that – from corporate offices, training and development facilities, a retail store, a commercial data centre, to enterprise solution showrooms and even a Progresif Startup Lab, where our big ideas come to life.

Look and Feel

Think ‘Gapple’ (Google and Apple). Yup, we’re gonna have our own version of a place we can call home away from home, where we can be hard at work and happily relax in a beautiful open space concept. We know that as people, everyone needs to recharge and refuel from time to time – that way efficient work can go on for longer. That’s why we thought about the small details – so we designed the new office space with keeping teamwork and flexibility in mind. What that means is it’s built with an ergonomic, minimalist, inspiring and eco-green feel to provide comfort, simplicity (exactly like our brand), plus optimum work efficiency and lots of plants for our brains to breathe in clean air to come up with awesome ideas that will benefit you. Overall this gives us opportunities like making great work and fun play by sharing good energy amongst ourselves leading to a more progressive lifestyle.


Our Progresif Startup Lab is another great example of our commitment to the development of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, which allows us to focus on knowledge transfer and skill development. Our programme is designed to be part of an outreach effort aimed at working together with educational institutions, entrepreneurs, small businesses, ICT researchers and big data related initiatives. The lab’s main goal is to help in research and development (R&D) in the ICT sector that can be leveraged as a driver for creative innovation and economic stimulation for the Brunei economy. The core idea behind our lab is for it to be a hub for technology development, which goes hand in hand with our commercial strategy to launch our 4G LTE network, enterprise solutions including smart nation technology and our commercial data center. Yup, we’re excited about progress and always ready to start something special. Are you Progresif.