Brunei’s first ever Islamic based scientific enrichment programme for children.

Why Tarbiyyah?

Tarbiyyah is the systematic development of Muslim individuals that focuses on character development, which begins from the heart. The Tarbiyyah process aims to put Muslims on the path of constant self-purification, self-correction and self-development while instilling the passion for truth, compassion, righteousness and justice.

What is Tarbiyyah hoping to achieve?

The Tarbiyyah Project hopes to provide a solid foundation upon which their toolbox of knowledge and skills, sense of purpose and motivation for self- betterment as for the community and the world can grow.
This strong foundation is a sound heart filled with love for Allah and His Prophet Muhammad for all our kids. A sound heart would have very little if any space for fear and negativity, a miracle granted by the Creator for the best coping mechanism for life’s challenges.

How does it benefit children? What do they gain from Tarbiyyah?

Often kids associate Islam and religion to Ugama school and religious classes as an obligation. We believe that Islam is a way of life and part of that involves fun. Tarbiyyah teaches children that there is a fun way to pray and play! Constant remembrance of Allah is key to a sound heart for Muslims, and our project trains children to think like that at an early age. It is designed to ensure that the children will ‘know of Allah’s greatness’ in their daily lives – making them critical thinkers and insightful individuals.

We believe that Islam is a way of life and part of that involves fun

Tarbiyyah Project

Children at Tarbiyyah Class

How is tarbiyyah different to other learning methods?

The Tarbiyyah Project for Kids is Brunei’s (and possibly the world’s) first ever Islamic based scientific enrichment programme for children. Not only is it intellectually stimulating but it is also packed with lots of fun crafts and experiments. At the core of the programme are the 99 Names of Allah and His attributes. These are reflected in the miracles of the Quran which our team of talented curriculum developers put together for an inspiring yet exciting lesson. The beauty of it all is our ’emergent curriculum’ which ignites creativity in the kids and their spiritual enlightenment.
We do things like Halaqah (Arabic for circle) study circle, self-reflection and self-improvement (true self). We bring our vast training experiences and inject in Islam to develop a strong Muslim or Muslimah identity.
Other supplementary programmes under the Tarbiyyah Plus series are Young Muslim Entrepreneurship and Hadith Classes. Tarbiyyah Plus are follow up courses for older students which also develop mental strength and tranquil students who can utilise their intellect positively.

What happens in a Tarbiyyah class?

A typical Tarbiyyah class starts off with some ice breaking, a little something to get them going. The kids seem to love Alif Baa Taa (Arabic letters) Arabic and the Zikir (devotional acts in Islam) Train.
We all sit down and start the lesson by introducing one of the Names of Allah, what it means, and relating it to concepts or ideas that children can understand.
The exciting bit is when we work out fun experiments for them that help them internalise the lessons. Our team gets them to do crafts related to the lesson or an experiment for them to take home and explain to their parent and families.
All the while they are reminded to say their Zikir and thank Allah for all the fun they’re having and other blessings they can think of. They also have a ‘sembahyang berjemaah’ or prayer session together right before they leave to end the day on a happy note by connecting to the Lord of the Worlds.