In the coming days, Progresif and our competitors will be relaunching our brands. We’re excited about it, and here’s why you should be too.

For five years since our launch in 2015, we’ve devoted ourselves to being more than mobile because we believed that you, the consumer, deserve the freedom to do more. It sounded like an impossibly big task, especially as a newcomer without access to a 4G network. But when you find a goal worth pursuing, difficulty is irrelevant. You just have to be brave and make it happen.

So off we went to try and deliver “What’s New and What’s Next” for Brunei. We started by defining a Corporate Social Responsibility programme aligned with his Majesty’s Wawasan for 2035, to make a positive impact in four key areas: Arts & Culture, Education, Entrepreneurship and the Environment. We did this because we wanted to be a company with heart and have a business model that reflected it. We did this because the world deserves all the good that each one of us can do. We did this because we knew that if we started, others would follow. And they have.

255 community events later, having supported the establishment of Dart, The Scoop, Agrome IQ and 47 other startups, empowered over 200 creative artists to perform, record and showcase their talents, partnered with and promoted environmental initiatives, we’re happy with how far we’ve come and we’re just getting started.

We also brought you simple, mobile plans that connected you to the world, and digital products to make that world a little bigger, more inclusive, convenient and fun.

What came was Brunei’s first mobile radio station (Progresif Radio), first mobile wallet (Progresif PAY), first events & ticketing platform (Progresif Events), first online learning platform for all sectors of society (Progresif Minds), and soon, Brunei’s first content streaming app (Progresif Media). We know it hasn’t all been perfect, but true progress rarely is. It’s accepting the bad days as inevitable, and knowing there are many more good ones to come.
Over the next few days, weeks and months, things are going to get a little noisy. But the truth is, it’s all for your benefit. Everyone will be getting access to a 4G+ LTE network on mobile and have high speed fibre broadband in home, at competitive prices and you will be able to keep your number whatever network you choose. Progresif is excited for the same reasons you should be: there’ll be greater, faster access to the world and beyond, right at our fingertips, bringing Brunei that much closer to becoming the Smart Nation.

When we launch we will once again provide you with an innovative approach to products, services and pricing that are simple, honest and provide you with greater value and control, to give you the freedom to do more with your time and money. Our product lineup will include 4G Mobile, Fibre Broadband, Bundle Plans and plans specifically built for Families and Businesses of every size.

In order to allow everyone to access 4G at launch, we will be moving our customers over to what we call the “One plan”. It’s a plan that provides everyone immediate access to the 4G network and will mean that most of our customers will save money by not overpaying for data or have their data expire just because it’s the end of the month. For customers who use a lot of data we plan to bundle mobile with fibre to the home to provide even greater value. To keep you informed we will be sending text messages with details about the One Plan and how you can find out more about all that we have to offer at launch.
Over the last 5 years we’ve grown from 19,000, to more than 200,000 subscribers. Thank you for your support, and for giving us so many reasons to keep doing what we’re doing. Lifting small businesses by offering new, useful innovations, support and resources. Encouraging the storyteller in all of us, so that the beautiful art, history and culture of our society flourishes. Providing avenues for people young and old to learn, grow and develop their skills to produce and provide. And continuing to do our bit to safeguard the natural environment to ensure a fruitful life for future generations. In 2020 we are committing that 1% of our revenue will go back into serving the community through sponsorship, donations and volunteerism.

Sometimes it may seem otherwise, but we know things are getting better in the world, and we like to think we’re playing a part in that.

There may come a time to choose what it is you want to be. When it does, we hope that you’ll join us, and choose to be progressive.