Many would instantly recognise Tibby Ibrahim for his funny sketches on YouTube and his stand-up comedy persona. But give this man a guitar and he’ll mesmerise his audience with his singing chops.
When it comes to music, it’s really all about having fun for Tibby. But don’t let his carefree attitude fool you. This guy has been singing and writing songs for nearly two decades now.

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Tell us more about yourself

My full name is Khatib Sadikin Hj Ibrahim, but I go by my stage name Tibby. I play music for fun and I also write my own music.

How did you get started into music?

I started getting into music in 2000 when I was in Form Two and that’s when I learned (to play) the guitar. From then on I started writing my own music based on my bad relationship experiences. These days, I mostly sing and write happier songs.

Which artists do you think you sound like?

I take a lot of cues from Jason Mraz, who is a singer-songwriter that I look up to. His songs are witty and very lighthearted, and he’s the type of person who speaks while he sings. And that’s something that I want to do when I’m singing.
You can listen to his new song, ‘Did You Know’ by downloading the Progresif Radio App on Google Play and the App Store.

What do you usually do before you get on stage?

Before I get on stage I’d take two shots of coffee. It makes me feel alive and not groggy. If it’s not coffee it’s Red Bull.

What are your upcoming projects?

I don’t really have much going on right now. Normally I do things impromptu, like whenever I stumble upon a song or a tune that I like I would work on something similar. Or when it’s Hari Raya I would do Hari Raya songs.
And I like to do group projects because sometimes that motivation fades away fast when I do it alone. It’s a lot better when you’re in a group with similar objectives.

What are your social media accounts that our listeners can follow?

You can follow me on Instagram, it’s @tibbybear, or you can subscribe to my Youtube channel @Tib Ibrahim. Apart from music, I’ve also posted clips of video games and comedy sketches.

Last question. What does the word Progresif mean to you?

Progresif means trying to do things that you have never done before. It means being a risk taker and leaping forward because if you don’t bother trying new things you’ll never find out about all the possibilities you can do with yourself.

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