Here are the interviews with five artists from the UBD Spectacle 2019

We supported the UBD Spectacle 2019, a final-year project that features the artworks of students under UBD’s Art and Creative Technology programme. This year saw some really great pieces so we asked five of the artists to share more about their work.


Arifah’s distinct art installation gives us a visual representation of what Kg Ayer—a cultural heritage— could look like if it’s not properly cared for.
To achieve the 3D sculpture, Arifah uses resin, soil and small pieces of wood to portray an isolated and dilapidated house on stilts.


Desyanti and Jillian’s art piece sheds light on the need for environmental change and action. Their artwork entitled ‘Your waste, my treasure’, was produced using recyclable materials, with the goal of spreading awareness on environmental issues using their creativity.
“We hope to create a big impact on society to achieve a greater number of people contributing to saving the world even by just a little,” they said.


Zubaidah’s artwork puts a spotlight on a famous Arabic poem called Lastu Adri (I do not know) by Lebanese poet Elia Abu Madi.
Below this art piece lies seven old scriptures representing history. Each piece contains a QR code that leads to Zubaidah’s personal journal entries which tells a story about her own spiritual journey.


Aimi’s Perspektif Sebaya highlights the role that our youth play in shaping the country’s future, with various details of the installation representing the future, the facets of progress, and the hopeful youth who will get us there.


Hariyanti’s Underwater Sanctuary may just present a solution for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder that have hypersensitive senses. The multi-sensory room features a busy board and a sensory wall to aid with touch.
Giant cushions on the floor also helps for children that lack body awareness. The bubble tube helps with interaction while the mirror on the wall aids with sight.

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