It was a not-so-underground-get-together: yup, it was actually open to everyone like yourself, friends and family. So if you happened to miss out on the awesome fun at ‘UNDER-the-GROUND’, an arts market which was thought up by the cool students taking the Event Design module at UBD along with teamwork from the Office of Promotions and Events Management (OPEM) – then we’re just gonna sum it up in one word: progressive.
We were proud to be a part of their first ever event to support the arts industry in Brunei, and to show our support to these talented individuals, we sponsored them with funds and raw materials for ‘UNDER-the-GROUND’ so they could fully showcase their craft and ideas. Over 30 vendors took part in the arts market and over 1689 people came to the 3-day event.
Beautifully set up at the Chancellor Hall Basement Parking at UBD last April, you would’ve been able to check out inspiring art installations, groovy music, clothes, entertaining magicians (we said magicians) plus tasty food and drinks for that quick recharge – there was also custom motorbikes for all you motor heads out there.
The biggest and most collaborative piece there was the Doodle Art Jam where anyone could be an artist to experiment and showcase their work or just to express themselves for fun by drawing on the wall. It’s the little things like these that actually become a springboard for the future generations and we’re more than happy that people still believe in art because not only did it help promote local handmade goods, but also it inspires the young and old to start their own business helping create a healthy society of entrepreneurs.
Wanna check out some of the businesses that were there?