January 10, 2018

Good news – if you’re on Prepaid (with or without a Plan), starting today you can get 7 days of Unlimited Instagram for just $5.

This lets you fully use Instagram either on your mobile web browser or the app itself to keep in touch with your friends, family and the awesome people around the world.

So go Unlimited and start connecting with everyone through Instagram photos, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live and Instagram direct messages from now till March 9th, 2018.

Here’s How You Can Sign Up:

Free Add-On Text to 39123
7 Days Free Instagram addIGPack

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone on a Progresif Prepaid line (including all Unlimited, Broadband, Visitor and Uni Plan customers) with a credit balance of at least $5 and above.

Simply text “AddIGPack” to 39123 from January 10th till March 9th, 2018.

*Not including Yes Zoom

You’ll be rewarded with 7 Days of Unlimited Instagram, which you can use on either the Instagram app or your mobile web browser.

*Any application outside of Instagram will be chargeable

No, all you need is to be on a Prepaid line – which means you don’t need to be on a Prepaid Plan.

7 days from the day you get the Add-On.

Example: If you subscribe on March 9th at 1PM then you’ll have access to Unlimited Instagram till March 16th midnight

Yep, you’ll be charged $5 and it’ll be deducted from your credit balance each time you subscribe.

You’ll get a text message from us letting you know that you’ve successfully signed up for Unlimited Instagram.

Yes, you can – as long as you have a credit balance of at least $5 and above before you subscribe.

No it is not auto-renewable. However, you can subscribe to the Unlimited Instagram Add-on again after your Add-on expires to continue enjoying Unlimited Instagram for another 7 days.

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