Why everyone needs to pick up and read a comic book at least once in their lives

Comic books are often thought of something that you eventually grow out of. But comic fans will tell you a different story.
In fact, they are progressively being recognised as important mediums for storytelling and their ability to hold the attention of any reader who is drawn to characters and the narratives that they operate in.

Comic books also differ from graphic novels by the merit of telling stories over many issues as opposed to wrapping up the narrative in one or two issues.
One of the comic books that won critical acclaim was Alan Moore’s Watchmen series which was featured in the list of TIME Magazine’s best 100 novels. Commentators said that it was a moment when the comics grew up.

What exactly makes comic books attractive? Is it purely the aesthetic qualities of a character? Or is it something more abstract, like the values or moral stance of these fictitious creations? We thought that the guys involved at the Infinity Convention in April 2019 would have a lot to say about it.

In the busyness of preparing for the event, we managed to sit down and speak with five comic artists and one comic book shop owner and ask them why everyone needs to pick up a comic book and be immersed in the many stories at least once in their lives.
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