There are $25,000 worth of prizes up for grabs in Progresif’s Big Month of Giveaways, with weekly announcement of winners! 

To join, all you have to do is spend $10. For Prepaid subscribers, all you need to do is purchase Add-ons to gain an entry, while Postpaid and Home WiFi subscribers will gain an entry through making bill payments.  

The lucky draw is open to all Progresif subscribers and will run until 29 May 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Progresif’s Big Month of Giveaways campaign?

It is a campaign for all Progresif customers to stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of $25,000 in a weekly lucky draw, which they can enter by simply spending $10 on Progresif plans or products.

When does Progresif’s Big Month of Giveaways campaign take place?
This campaign will run from 18 April until 29 May 2022.
How do I participate in the Lucky Draw?

You will get 1 chance to win for every $10 spent with Progresif, e.g. by doing any of the following:


No. of chances

Purchase a Prepaid Starter Pack

1 entry

Sign up and register for Postpaid & Fixed Plans

1 entry per $10

Purchase a Data Add-on (Postpaid Mobile & Fixed)

1 entry per $10

Pay your Progresif Bill

1 entry per $10

Pay your Progresif Media monthly subscription

1 entry

Make lifestyle transactions on CARE+

1 entry per $10

Are new sign ups to a Prepaid Starter Pack eligible for an entry?

Yes, the campaign is open to all New and Port-in (Switch to Progresif) subscribers that purchase a new Prepaid Starter Pack worth $10 from any Progresif store, any shop that sells our starter packs and online at

How much is a Progresif Prepaid Starter Pack?

A Prepaid Starter Pack costs $10. You can then use it on Pay-As-You-Go rates, or text ‘AddOnePlan1’ to 39123 for $10 to sign up for a One Mobile Plan. If you do this, you will have 2 entries into the lucky draw for the $20 you have spent.  

What happens if I am existing Prepaid customer and I Top Up more than $10?

For Prepaid customers, Top Ups will not get you any entries into the lucky draw. You will need to buy a 2GB Data Add-on for $10 by texting ‘ADD2GB’ to 39123. This will give you 1 entry.  

What happens if I am a One Mobile Postpaid customer and I add more than one 10GB Add-on/Upgrade 10GB/AddFam 10GB a month?

On One Mobile, a 10GB Add-on costs $30. You will get 1 entry to the lucky draw for every $10 you spend, so this means you will get 3 entries by purchasing this 10GB Add-on.

What happens if I am a Mobile/Fixed subscriber to Imagine or DST, but I am a Progresif Media Subscriber, can I still have a chance to win?

Yes, you will have a chance to win as long as you pay your Progresif Media subscription

What happens if I sign up for a new Prepaid Starter Pack for $10 and purchase a separate $10 Add-on in the same month, do I get two chances in that month?

Yes, you will get 2 chances for the Lucky Draw

How many prizes are there to be won?

There is a total of 38 prizes to be won throughout the campaign, worth over $25,000

What are the prizes to be won in this campaign?
  1. Week 1
    BND1000 Ashley Furniture Voucher Dyson Corrale Straightener BND500 Bajoo Vaucher BND100
    Ceramic Pro Car Detailing
    Ceramic Pro Car Detailing
    Ceramic Pro Car Detailing
    Ceramic Pro Car Detailing


    Week 2

    Samsung Smart QLED TV 65” Kitchen Air Artisan Series 4.8l Tilt Head Stand Mixer BND600 Boeffi Voucher BND100 YELO Voucher BND100 YELO Voucher BND100 Huaho Voucher BND100 Huaho Voucher


    Week 3

    Sony Play Station 5 Disc Edition with Dual Sense Controller BND500 Pandora Voucher BND500 Pandora Voucher BND100 Ceramic PRO Car Detailing BND100 Coffee Bean Vouchers BND100 Huaho Voucher


    Week 4

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultr2a BND500 Incomm Voucher BND500 Incomm Voucher BND100 Ceramic PRO Car Detailing BND 100 Coffee Bean Vouchers BND 100 Huaho Voucher


    Week 5

    RB Flight tickets worth BND1500 Abode Resort & Spa Abode Resort & Spa BND100 Ceramic PRO Car Detailing BND100 Coffee Bean Vouchers BND100 Huaho Voucher


    Week 6

    RB Flight tickets worth BND2500 Abode Resort & Spa Abode Resort & Spa BND100 Ceramic PRO Car Detailing BND100 Coffee Bean Vouchers BND100 Huaho Voucher


How will the draw be carried out?

The weekly draw breakdown is as follows:

Period  Draw Details 
18th April – 21st April 2022  1st Draw on @thatsprogresif Instagram Live – 23rd April  2022 
18th April – 27th April 2022   2nd Draw on @thatsprogresif Instagram Live – 29th April 2022 
18th April – 4th May 2022  3rd Draw on @thatsprogresif Instagram Live  – 6th May 2022 
18thApril – 11th May 2022  4th Draw on @thatsprogresif Instagram Live – 13th May 2022 
18th April – 18th May 2022  5th Draw on @thatsprogresif Instagram Live – 20th May 2022 
18th April – 29th May 2022  Grand Draw (details TBA) – 29th May 2022 
How will the winner be selected?

Winners will be determined and selected through random computerized draws.

Will I be eligible to win in the Grand Draw if I have won in the monthly consolation?

Yes, winners for the Weekly Draws will still be eligible for the Grand Draw and line must be active. However, you can only win a weekly draw once.

When will I be notified of the Weekly Draw or Grand Draw if I am a winner?

You will be contacted via phone call by a Progresif representative after winning, and will be given a time and day to come to Progresif Times Square Store to collect your prize. 

In the event that Progresif is not able to contact the winner after using reasonable efforts to do so, the winner shall be deemed to have waived their prize and Progresif reserves the right to withdraw the prize entitlement and award the prize to a reserve drawn at the same time as the original.

Is the lucky draw applicable for corporate and enterprise clients?

The lucky draw prizes are only applicable for individual ICs, and not by company registration. 

Can I transfer, replace or exchange his Prize?

Prizes are non-transferable, non-replaceable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit or any other items or otherwise. For the grand prize, the winner can do as he wishes after the ownership has been transferred to him. 

How can I find out more about Progresif Mobile and Home WiFi Plans?
I need further assistance, who should I talk to?

You may reach out to us on social media, call us at 177 or visit any Progresif store near you.