If you missed the ‘Write This’ Graffiti Competition, we’ll paint you a picture. All you could smell was beautiful paint in the air. The vibe was amazing, creative and cool. All artists were inspired to work really hard through style, creativity, colour, originality, technique and flow. The end result? Something different, something special, and something you don’t get to see every day – pure masterpieces. Everyone was deeply focused because they knew only one could be crowned the spray King.
It was a sunny day at the Skatedium in Berakas, where over 20 local artists and a handful from neighbouring countries showed up to be a part of the competition. Besides the aspiring local talent, international artists from Malaysia—specifically Katun who is recognised in Washington DC, Seoul, Dubai and Indonesia, and world famous Clog ’two from Singapore who’s been on the graffiti scene for 15 years.
While there’s still a common misperception that urban graffiti artists are rebels, these days they’re increasingly being given more credit for being artists of our time. Consider George Town in Penang, Malaysia. Before it was a massive tourist hotspot, artists had a hard time asking for space to showcase their creativity. Today, all the art is what makes Penang one of the must-see places in South East Asia. And thanks to the brilliant ideas of street artists, hidden alleys and vintage buildings in Penang are now filled with vibrant and lively murals.
So how did it all begin in Brunei? Well, Fai Zaini better known as Tag’01 in the graffiti scene; the founder of STAIN, saw the raw and rising talent of the nation and had thought, what better way to showcase this rising cultural movement than to let artists display their skills at a Graffiti Art Competition – and that he did.
Though the event itself has to come to an end, it’s only the beginning for some, like Madnycer from Brunei took home the trophy for first place, along with a Huawei P9 Smartphone with a one-year free plan from Progresif. Congrats to all the winners!

Wondering whom the Judges crowned the winners?

1st Place: @madnycer (Brunei)
2nd Place: @sketch_one (Brunei)
3rd Place: @_mythos_(Malaysia)

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