Own Your Future: Experiencing the Progresif Minds Youth Empowerment Conference as a Delegate

Think of one person in your life you met by accident. A serendipitous encounter. Once a stranger, now someone you hold close to your heart. A person who changed your frame of mind in ways no one else ever managed. Going to the conference was the embodiment of this very encounter.

The memory of being in that auditorium among acclaimed individuals is still fresh in my mind. Individuals who have been on remarkable journeys. Individuals who fought battles and stood their ground for what they passionately believed in. Individuals who have had to make a lot of sacrifices, mistakes, and faced failures to get where they are.

I came with the sole purpose of pushing the boundaries of what I perceived success to be and when I left, not only did I achieve this, but I found my true calling in life, equipped with notions that have enabled me to come up with a “recipe” for success. It’s common sense, structured, and really – it comes full circle

Here’s What You Need:

  1. Self-reflection; first you have to be willing to acknowledge your current position. Are you where you want to be? Does it serve your current purpose? Allow yourself to face what has been holding you back and build the courage to get that out of the way! A mindset shift is all it takes to start.

  2. Discover your sense of purpose/calling; What makes your spirits soar? What are you passionate about? What do you want your life’s work to be?

  3. Personal Definition of Success; success correlates to your life’s purpose. What does success mean to you? Define your success and more importantly have clarity. Success is subjective and the only person in charge of achieving it is yourself.

  4. Game Plan; Now that the scheming is done, it’s time to execute. How do you think you are able to achieve this defined success? What skill sets do you need to acquire? Make a list of things to do and start with the most difficult. Seize opportunities that serve you, grow you, and more importantly fulfil your happiness.

  5. Rediscover your sense of purpose; You are in charge of rewriting the agreement of who you want to be as a person. If along the way you’re not where you want to be, restart at Step 1.

And the most important ingredient to catalyse the recipe: attitude. The journey will be filled with Choices, conversations, and actions. Your attitude will determine the course of your journey. Persevere through the challenges you will face along the journey and don’t forget to take some time to celebrate the “small” successes.