Social media is big and it’s here to stay – forever. The use of traditional media channels like print, TV and radio has evolved in the new era and it is now the age of new media. Now, with the help of the Internet, the use of online media is just a click of a button away; news travels fast and reactions even faster – its power of communication is somewhat limitless. But is the information being communicated even newsworthy?

What’s awesome is, the Brunei US Association thought about this and together with a group of media students from The University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD), they been hosting media advocacy workshops, which basically is the strategic use of creating news through mass media and community support to advance change or a public policy initiative. The last event, which ran over the span of four days saw 40 youths getting together and they had to come up with action plans that implemented a media advocacy of any positive cause in the creative, public health, environment, economic development and humanitarian industries.
Progresif, a strong believer in cultivating and nurturing young talents shared some knowledge and tips on how the media world works. This was shared by Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer where he talked about developing ideas of delivering hands-on training for youth, giving them the tools necessary to be able to plan and execute an advocacy of certain cause, or recommend ideas through media.

Through sharing sessions, talks, group discussions, and engagement with different stakeholders, the event had provided the audience with the opportunity to expand their network, deepen engagement with like-minded young leaders and work hand-in-hand to solve real national challenges while empowering the next generation. Upon completing the program, the participants are expected to conduct a media advocacy with the support of Brunei – US Association and YSEALI alumni members.
Other names involved in the workshop were Shinny from thecollectivearts, Delwin Keasberry from Bruneitweet, Shaun Hoon of Inspire Magazine and Amali Roslin of UBD TV.