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What is Number Portability?
Number Portability is a service that allows you to keep your existing phone number (“Porting your number”); be it mobile or fixed, when you decide to switch between service providers within Brunei. We call this “Number Portability Service”.

Note: Customer’s current service provider will issue a bill for the usage on their Postpaid account even though when they have moved to a new service provider.

Who can enjoy Number Portability services?

All mobile or fixed line customers who have an active mobile or fixed line service can enjoy Number Portability service. These mobile or fixed lines must be registered under the customers’ IC held on file by their current service provider.

What service providers am I able to port to?
You can keep your number when you change your service provider to either imagine, DST or Progresif.
Can I port my mobile phone number?
Yes. Brunei Number Portability is available to all Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile phone numbers.
Can I port my existing fixed line phone number?
Yes. You can keep your existing fixed line number if you change from the previous service provider to Progresif.
Can I port between mobile phone and fixed line phone number?
No, you only can port between mobile phone numbers or between fixed line phone numbers.
What (documents) do I need to submit to Progresif for Porting?
For customers, all you need to bring is your IC to any of our Progresif stores. However, business owners will be required to submit your documentation to any of our Progresif stores.
Can a customer with overdue outstanding balances with their previous service provider port their phone number?
Customers must ensure that all overdue (past due) outstanding is settled prior to Porting.
Can I still request for the Porting if I am not the account holder?
No, the account holder must be the one to make the request to port.
Is this service available for online application?
Yes, this feature is available online.
How do I make a request to port my number from the previous service provider to Progresif?
You can visit any of our stores or do it online via our website. You can find our operation hours on our website. You may also call us at 177 to find out further details prior to making a decision.
Can I change my mobile plan when I port my phone number?
Yes, you can choose any plan that fits your needs available in Progresif.
Do I get a new SIM Card for Porting?
Yes. You will receive a new SIM card during the time of request to port at our store.
How will I know that my existing mobile number has been successfully ported?
You will receive an SMS notification once the number has been successfully ported.
Can I still receive SMS/Calls/data once service from the previous service provider is deactivated?
No, you will not be able to receive any incoming SMS/calls/data from your previous service provider once it has been deactivated.
What happens to my existing **VAS/Quota Top Ups/allocated quota/Voicemail/text messages? **Value Added Service
All VAS/Quota Top Ups/allocated quota/Voicemail/text messages from your previous service provider will be void. However, you will be able to select new plan and VAS with Progresif as you wish.
Can I still be contacted by my previous service provider once I have successfully ported out?
Your former service provider is only allowed to contact you to recover any outstanding payments, should there be any.
Can I still use their current service provider’s service during the wait/transition time?
You will still be able to use their existing/previous service provider’s service during the wait/transition time and you will be liable to pay the period of usage of the service to the previous service provider. Once the service provider receives an SMS confirmation from you to validate your Porting request, you will not be able to use the service.
What if my SMS confirmation to 39000 fails?
The porting request will not be passed to the previous service provider for approval, and the process status will be “waiting user authorisation”. You will receive an SMS notification “Your porting request has failed. Please contact your new operator for further details.”
Will I need to make the request to cancel my existing mobile/fixed line service directly with the existing service provider, before switching to another provider?
No, that is not necessary as when you sign your Porting request form with Progresif, you are automatically authorising us to instruct the former service provider to disconnect the service when port takes place.
What if my service does not work after the port?
Customers would need to contact 177 or visit your nearest Progresif Store for help.
Will there be any circumstances where the service provider can decline the Porting request?
Yes, please refer to clause of the terms and conditions.
How much does Brunei Number Portability cost?
There is no cost to it as Porting of your phone number from one service provider to another is free of charge.
Do I get a new SIM Card for Porting?
Yes. You will receive a new SIM card during the time of request to port at our store.
What happens if I still have balance in my Prepaid number?
Any remaining balance will be forfeited upon successful Porting.
Will my existing Postpaid bill cycle change?
Your bill cycle will change as per Progresif’s business rules.
Will I incur any penalty costs for leaving a provider?
This will depend on your agreed terms and conditions of service from the previous service provider. You may be liable for penalty if you have subscribed to a bundle subscription with device. Please clarify with your previous service provider before porting.
What happens if I have current outstanding with my previous provider?
The amount will reflect in your last bill from your previous provider and will need to be settled before the specified due date.
What happens if I have a contract with my previous provider?
The remaining contractual commitments may reflect in your next bill from your previous provider.
What happens to my deposit with my previous service provider, after I have port to new service provider?
You may claim for the refund of your deposit from your previous service provider.
How long after I port into Progresif, can I port again to another service provider?
You can only switch the same number to another service provider three (3) months after the initial Porting.
At what time can I request to port?
You can request to port any day of the week between 9:00am to 9:00pm.