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What is the Postpaid One Mobile?
The One Mobile is a flexible plan that provides customers with the ability to choose a starting monthly data amount, and adjust their own data spend every month according to their needs.

It allows customers to only pay for what you use because you get the freedom and control to add or upgrade data only when you need it, every month, and you get to carryover any data to the next month that you do not manage to finish in that month.

What are the benefits of the Postpaid One Mobile?
It allows customers to avoid bill shocks, control their spend, and have flexible data quotas from month to month.

Once the customer uses up their starting data amount, the customer will be offered a data Add-On which they may confirm through SMS or purchase by using the Progresif Care app.

Is the Postpaid One Mobile 4G+ enabled?
Yes, all our plans are 4G+ enabled.
What do I need to pay upfront when I subscribe to a Postpaid One Mobile Plan?
You will need to pay one month’s rental in advance.
What are the Plan rates for the Postpaid One Mobile?

You can sign for any of the following Base Plans for the monthly Postpaid One Mobile:

  1. One Mobile 1GB Plan at $10.00
  2. One Mobile 5GB Plan at $20.00
  3. One Mobile 10GB Plan at $30.00
  4. One Mobile 25GB Plan at $60.00

All Base Plans come with Unlimited local calls and text to all local networks.

You can add or upgrade data at 5GB for $10 when you have finished your base plan data. You will receive a SMS notification to confirm your Data Upgrade. Any added or upgraded data that you do not finish using will carry over to the following month.

Your Data Adds or Upgrades will be charged to your bill, together with your base plan, which you will receive at the end of the month.

Your plan will reset back to your base plan the next month and you can start adding or upgrading your data again.

How do I add more data to my Postpaid One Mobile Plan?

You can add more data at any time by sending the text below to 39100, and it will be charged onto your next bill:

To Add More Data Text to 39100 Price
5GB “Upgrade” or “Yes” $10
10GB Upgrade10GB $20
20GB Upgrade20GB $40

You can also add or upgrade via your Progresif Care app. All you need to do is create an account to manage your line.

Will I receive any notifications on data usage?

Yes, you will receive the following SMS notifications when you have used up the following;

  • 80% of your data usage
  • 100% of your data usage
Is there a fixed contract duration when signing up for a Postpaid One Mobile Plan?

No, there are no fixed period contracts for signing up to the Postpaid One Mobile. You may terminate any time you wish.

Is the Postpaid One Mobile Plan applicable for Handset Plan signups?

Yes, you can sign up for a Handset Installment Plan on the Postpaid One Mobile.

Is there any throttling on my Postpaid One Mobile Plan?

No. If you do not Add or Upgrade your data, you will not have any data and will not be charged for any data without knowing, eliminating any bill shock.

How will I get my bill?

We’ve gone paperless and offer eBill to our customers which can be viewed on our Progresif Care app or sent directly to your email inbox.

If you’re an existing customer and have not subscribed to eBill, you may do so by calling 177, through our website at Progresif Care, or by visiting any of our stores.

I am a Progresif Postpaid One Mobile customer. Can I upgrade or downgrade to other mobile postpaid plans?

Yes, you can make a request to upgrade or downgrade your existing plan.

If you are an existing Postpaid One Mobile customer without a contract;
• To downgrade, there will be a $10 administration fee.
• To upgrade, there are no processing fees. It is free!
You are also required to pay any outstanding bills.

If you are an existing Postpaid One Mobile customer with a contract;
• To downgrade, you will need to pay penalties for remaining contract months, any outstanding bills and a $10 administration fee.
• To upgrade, there are no processing fees. It is free! Your contract will revert as the first month of an 18-month contract. Additionally, you will need to pay any outstanding bills.

If I change (upgrade or downgrade) my current Postpaid One Mobile plan to another plan, will my base and/or data add-on carryover to my new plan?

No. Due to the change in plans, you won’t be able to keep remaining data GB from your previous plan or add-on when you change or upgrade to a new plan.

I need further assistance, who should I talk to?

You may reach out to us on social media, call us at 177 or visit any Progresif store near you.