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How do I download the Progresif Media application?
The Progresif Media App is currently available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Is Progresif Media compatible with iOS and Android?
Yes, it is. Progresif Media is supported on iOS 10 or newer, and Android 7.0 or newer.
How do I register?
You can follow these steps to register:

Download the application
Click “I’m Ready” on the 5th page
Key in your mobile phone number
Key in the 6-digit OTP sent to the registered mobile phone number
Enter your personal details
Select a subscription/payment plan
Enter your card details
Enter a nickname

How do I update or change my account details?
Tap on the icon on the top right corner of your phone screen and select Settings > My Account > Account Details > Update Details
The Progresif Media App did not accept my password. What are the password requirements?
Your password must have a minimum of 8 characters, 1 capital letter and 1 number
I have an existing Progresif Care ID login. Do I need to register again or can I login with my existing Progresif Care login ID and password?
Your Progresif Care ID will be linked to your Progresif Media ID. So if you have an existing Progresif Care ID login, you may login into Progresif Media using the same login details as your Progresif Care ID.
If I change my Progresif Care password, will that affect my Progresif Media password too?
Yes, your Progresif Care and Progresif Media ID accounts are linked.
Can I register to Progresif Media with my Imagine/DST number?
Yes, users from all local operators (Progresif, DST and Imagine) will be able to register on Progresif Media.
What subscription plans are available?

Progresif Media has one month, three-months and six-months subscription plans available. Prices are as below;

1 (one) month – BND 15
3 (three) months – BND 40 (save $10)
6 (six) months – BND 60 (save $30)

How do I check which plan I am subscribed to?
Tap on the icon on the top right-hand corner of your phone screen and select Settings > My Account > Subscription Details
Are subscription plans auto-renewable?
No, all subscription plans for Library are a one-time purchase.
How I pay my subscription fee?
You can submit your payment using credit, debit or virtual cards (e.g. Progresif Pay, BIBD Vcard) for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Please make sure that your credit card is valid, open for online transactions and that you enter the correct details of your credit card.
Will my credit card be deducted upon purchase or after a month’s rental?
Payment will be deducted from the your credit card account upon purchase.
Can my fee be included in my postpaid monthly bill?
Not at the moment, payment can only be made via Credit, Debit and vCard.
I’m under the One Family Bundle Plan. Do I have to register and select a plan?
If you are a One Family Bundle customer, your subscription will be activated after registering on the Progresif Media App. You will not need to select a plan.
How long will the One Bundle and One Family Bundle Plan have a free subscription to Progresif Media?
If you are registered under the One Bundle and One Family Bundle Plan, you will enjoy Progresif Media with free access to the Library with 2 devices per account as long as you are still on the plan.
Will I receive an Order Reference number after each purchase?
You can view your purchase history in Settings > My Account > Purchase History.
Can I customize my preferences?
Yes, you can. Tap on the icon on the top right-hand corner of your phone screen and select Settings > Preferences > Make changes accordingly
How do I check my purchase history?
Tap on the icon on the top right-hand corner of the phone screen and select Settings > My Account > Purchase History
How many devices can I log into with 1 account?
Each account can be logged into a maximum of two devices. If a third device logs in, one of the devices will be prompted to log out.
Will I be charged double if I login to multiple devices?
No, each account can only be logged in to a maximum of 2 devices.
I am a content creator and have made films/songs. How do I submit my work to Progresif Media?
Any films/songs recorded can be sent to Please include your name, title, synopsis, lyrics and contact details.
How is the timeline access calculated after purchase?
This will again depend on your agreed terms and conditions of service from the previous Service Provider.
Will Progresif Media consume my monthly plan data / credit balance?
Yes, if you are not streaming Progresif Media via WiFi, then the app will consume monthly free data units for both prepaid and postpaid. Also, it will consume credit balance for prepaid subscribers that are not on a Progresif plan.
How much will I be charged for using Progresif Media? (Locally)
This will depend on your operator’s data rates.
Will I be able to access Progresif Media if I’m abroad?
No, but users will be able to access the Radio section of the app.
Can I purchase rentals without subscribing into Library?
Yes. Rentals can be purchased at any time on customer’s demand.
Can I download and save the content in Progresif Media?
No, all content in Progresif Media can only be accessed within the application.
How do I unsubscribe?
Once a customer has chosen a plan, they will not be able to unsubscribe for the length of their subscription plan.